Injury & illness recovery

Offering coordinated clinical support for those who sustain an injury, so they can recover and return to work and life.

Coordinated care for illness recovery

Coordinated clinical care

Our care coordinators are all clinically trained, with either allied health or nursing backgrounds. Our team of GP medical advisors and experienced service delivery leaders support and oversee all clinical elements of the program whilst ensuring it adheres to CareComplete’s robust clinical governance framework. This means that our team can develop solutions for even the most complex case.

Our care coordinators always communicate the results of our comprehensive initial assessments with the client’s GP (with client consent) and ask for their input into the care plans. Care coordinators can liaise with the client’s GP for review purposes, and to ensure the care plan is implemented. They can also liaise with GPs and any other health professionals who are part of the care team when challenges or problems arise through the client’s recovery period.

Injury illness recovery Working towards recovery

Working towards recovery

We make it a priority to understand the complexity of our client’s lives and to provide a holistic focus on a ‘return to life’ as it was before the injury or condition, instead of focusing purely on rehabilitation.

By assessing clients face-to-face and in their own home, our care coordinators gain a comprehensive understanding of what a client’s life was like before their injury or illness, what it’s like now, including challenges and barriers to recovery, and their hopes and aspirations for the future. This enables them to translate that into an appropriate care plan, designed to help the client achieve their goals.

Injury and illness recovery - Return to life

Helping participants return to life

We don’t just aim to assist physical and emotional recovery from transport accidents and workplace injury or illness, but rather help the client reduce their future reliance on the health system. Care coordinators work with clients to develop a recovery mindset and set client-centred, realistic goals to strive for.

Setting life-related goals, rather than just ‘return to work’ goals, helps patients feel more motivated to self-manage their condition and recovery, which in turn ensures they don’t become reliant on our service, worker’s compensation, or the health system. Instead, it helps build their capacity to manage their own ongoing care and any minor setbacks during recovery.

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