CareComplete supports participants with a range of services through customised health management programs.

Our care coordinators work with your GP and other health professionals to develop a customised health management program designed to help you take charge of your health and improve your overall wellbeing.

Care Coordination

Care coordination

Our integrated care coordination program delivered by clinicians is goal-oriented and tailored to the individual needs of participants. We take an evidence-based approach and use health coaching methodology to improve patient outcomes and experience, reducing the overall cost to the health system.

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Injury Illness Recovery

Injury & illness recovery

We deliver clinician-led holistic care to injured workers and transport accident claimants, helping them become more confident in accessing the care they need in a timely fashion, improving their recovery and reducing their future reliance on the health system.

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Post Hospital Support

Post hospital support

Discharge from hospital can be a vulnerable and confusing time for some patients. We provide support and assistance to patients who are most at risk of an avoidable readmission after hospital discharge.

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Coronavirus support

We have introduced outreach services for those impacted by COVID-19. Services delivered by our team include outbound calls to members of the community impacted by COVID-19 to check on their health and welfare, connecting them with services that are appropriate and available.

Chronic disease management

We deliver programs that target individual risk factors for chronic disease, particularly cardiovascular disease, diabetes and arthritis. Support includes initial assessment (phone/video/face-to-face), health coaching, care planning, care coordination and navigation, and liaison with primary care providers.

Health coaching

We provide health education in the form of coaching to help participants understand the health system, how to navigate it, and how to best manage their own health condition so they can stay well and out of hospital.

Medication management

Our clinicians conduct medication reviews and identify any changes to medication. They can also track medication management, medication supply, adherence and patient knowledge, and flag any potential problems with the patient’s GP where needed.

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