Private health insurers

We work with private health insurers to help them improve the health of their customers.

CareComplete helps private health insurers deliver value-based health solutions that improve the health of their customers, contribute to lower rates of unplanned hospital admissions, and save on the costs of complex and costly health insurance claims.

Private health insurers

Increased value for members

CareComplete improves your customers’ experience, and loyalty to your fund by providing value-for-money, tailored health programs specific to their needs.

We provide programs that offer support and education around managing chronic disease in order to empower members to manage their health conditions. This helps them stay well enough to enjoy their daily activities, improves the quality of their lives, and helps to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

Private health insurers

Better health outcomes

Australians are living longer, but they’re living with more illness. Injury and disease are becoming more complex due to isolation, mental health, chronic pain and medication management, and challenges navigating our complex health and social services systems. Evidence shows that a coordinated multidisciplinary approach is effective in improving health outcomes, reducing hospital admissions and average length of stay. 1,2,3

Our CareComplete programs provide evidence-based care management and service coordination, along with face-to-face and telephone support. We also work with our private health insurance funders helping them identify the customers most likely to benefit from our program. This equates to fewer emergency hospital visits and admissions, an increase in medication adherence, and improved health outcomes for people living with chronic and complex conditions.

Private health insurers

Cost savings for health funds

Costs associated with preventing, managing and treating chronic disease is a significant challenge for private health insurers. With around 25% of Australians living with two or more chronic conditions, 4,5 disease management can be complex and costly, especially if unplanned hospital admissions are required.

Through our tailored programs, we provide integrated care for people with chronic and complex conditions, behavioural change and education programs to assist with chronic disease management and hospital discharge assistance to avoid unplanned readmissions. Better management of complex and chronic health conditions means fewer interventions are required, which equates to cost savings for health funds.

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