Our programs aim to improve health outcomes, enhance the patient experience and reduce the per capita cost of healthcare.

Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. However, with an aging population and increased rates of chronic disease, it means our health system is under strain.


CareComplete programs provide participants with complex and chronic health conditions or injuries, the support and information they need to navigate the health systems and take control of their health and lives. We aim to ensure that Australians receive the right care at the right time and that every health professional is using their skills and time effectively.

Our programs take an evidence-based approach aimed at delivering on the quadruple aim of healthcare — improving health outcomes, enhancing the customer experience, improving provider wellbeing, and reducing costs.

Improving health outcomes

Improving health outcomes

The healthcare system can be complex and difficult to navigate. Those with poor health literacy who are living with chronic conditions can find it hard to manage their own health appropriately. This can lead to health complications, unplanned or preventable hospital admissions, and poor health outcomes.

CareComplete supports Australians with long-term and complex health conditions by providing them with tailored health care plans, integrated support and behavioural change education, so patients can manage their health better, and improve their overall health outcomes.

Reducing burden healthcare system

Reducing the burden on the healthcare system

CareComplete programs help reduce the burden on the healthcare system by working alongside GPs and other health and community services to provide tailored care plans that can be delivered in the home. Enabling patients to take greater control of their health means they are less likely to be admitted to hospital as a result of health complications, which helps free up hospitals and emergency departments for more acute cases.

Improving health professionals experience

Improving the health professional experience

We know that GPs are busy and sometimes don’t have the resources required to support people with complex health needs. CareComplete focuses on providing additional support to GPs that’s currently not possible under the General Practice model. We work alongside GPs supporting them to empower their patients with a greater understanding of their health so they know how to manage it and what questions they need to ask.

Since 2014 we have worked with around 4,000 GP clinics and 7,700 GPs to deliver our suite of programs. Feedback from GPs has been overwhelmingly positive with many reporting the program can improve outcomes for participants.

Reducing healthcare costs

Reducing healthcare costs

Rising rates of chronic disease combined with an aging population have put more strain on an already stretched healthcare system. By empowering people to take control of their health and manage their complex health conditions, we can reduce the pressure on the health system, reducing the overall cost of delivering care. This is a more sustainable approach to managing health.

An evaluation of our flagship program, CarePoint, showed a 48% decrease in unplanned hospitalisations amongst participants living with chronic and complex illnesses, compared to the previous 12 months along with increased patient activation.

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