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Tailor-made care programs for insurers and regulators designed to help people return to living the life they want.

When someone is injured or becomes unwell at work or on our roads, it can often prove costly for employers and insurers, especially if the client’s situation or their treatment and management is complex. But with CareComplete’s evidence-based programs, we help those who have suffered an injury or illness to recover, move forward, return to work and life.

Compensable individual needs

A program that meets individual needs

CareComplete’s care coordination programs empower individuals to understand and manage their health, so they can reduce complications and associated time off work. Rather than focusing on ‘being fit for work’, we take a holistic approach to ensure that individuals understand the importance of recovery and take charge of their own health care, so they can achieve their goals beyond just the scope of work, and get back to living the life they want.

We develop tailored care plans that are client-focused and address the key elements that will have the greatest impact on the individual’s ability to achieve their goals. By working with a client’s GP, linking individuals with local community resources, including those that assist with issues of mental health, loneliness and pain management, we can reduce the number of ongoing interventions for the patient, and get them back to work, health and life sooner.

Whilst CareComplete does not directly deliver therapeutic clinical services it does provide care coordination delivered by clinicians.

Compensable insurers back to life

Helping people get back to work and life

Workplace and transport injuries and illnesses can severely impact the quality of a person’s life. If not correctly managed, health and wellbeing can deteriorate or a person can develop additional health complications, particularly if their recovery period is compromised. This can severely impact on a person’s ability to recover and their journey back to life pre-injury and work.

Our targeted approach identifies and addresses the whole needs of a person in order to develop a tailored plan that will educate and set expectations about their recovery, including effective pain management. CareComplete can also assist injured workers navigate the Workers Compensation Scheme, and coordinate their care, when and where they need it.

Reducing medication dependency

Reducing medication dependency

People with poor health literacy tend to have limited understanding of surgery, pre- and post-rehabilitation, medication management and the impacts of long-term opioid use. One of the concerns across the sector is the increasing reliance on opioids to manage pain.

CareComplete programs have seen promising results with participants reducing opioid use and is currently undergoing a formal evaluation. Feedback from GPs has been overwhelmingly positive. In their view, our programs can improve outcomes for workers, including reducing opioid dependency.

Reducing healthcare costs

Reducing costs

Work and transport-related insurance claims are increasingly becoming complex and costly. Ongoing health issues and unexpected complications can lead to demotivated claimants, increased claim complexity and reduced return-to-work outcomes, contributing to time on claim, litigation, and overall claim costs.

However, providing complex claimants with the health care services and associated education and support early in the claim process, when they need it the most, can help them get back to work and life quicker, and save insurers and employers money. We work in partnership with claims managers, with our clinicians working alongside participants and their GPs to help achieve an optimal recovery.

Our strong focus on outcomes for claimants recognises that positive outcomes, including improved functional capacity and return to work, benefits claimants, insurers and regulators.

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