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Welcome to CareComplete

CareComplete is a suite of programs that support the better management of chronic and complex health conditions.

Support programs for chronic health conditions


An integrated care program for patients with the highest level of chronic and complex needs.


A behaviour change program for patients diagnosed with a chronic condition in one of five key disease areas.


A complementary program that enhances the hospital discharge process for patients most at risk of unplanned readmissions.

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CareComplete helps build practice capacity to offer evidence-based chronic condition management services.

The programs are designed to enhance existing chronic disease management practices without requiring significant time or investment from clinic staff.

For further information please call the CareComplete team on 1300 650 742

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Evidence-based and
rigorously evaluated

CareComplete programs are underpinned by evidence-based guidelines for specific conditions. They have been designed according to international best practice.

The programs are being evaluated in association with the School of Public Health and Community Medicine at the University of NSW, the Boston Consulting Group and the University of WA.


Unique funding model makes CareComplete available
to more patients

CareComplete is funded by a public/private model that is open to governments, Primary Health Networks and private health insurers who wish to make the programs available to the patients in their communities who are most at need. The programs are then offered free of charge to patients. This initiative is part of Medibank’s broader commitment to supporting primary care and improving awareness, healthcare and outcomes for Australians living with chronic conditions.